Please buy the year-end present, New Year dishes, Christmas cake, gift, fashion, gourmet, cosmetics in Iwataya.

 this is japan. We are polished in basics and shine by trust. Important thing does not change all the time.
Only M eye
We give to all of you damaged by torrential rain in this northern Kyushu heartily.
We pray soul of people that it was gone by disaster may rest in peace.
In addition, we pray that we can regain days when all all of you of stricken area are peaceful as soon as possible heartily and,
As Iwataya Mitsukoshi, we will match power for early revival all day long.
Iwataya Mitsukoshi

"Northern Kyushu torrential rain contribution collecting box"
Donation from all of you is made use of for support of stricken area through the Japanese Red Cross Society.
Setting place: The Iwataya Head Office the first floor east side information desk, the new building the first floor information desk, the Fukuoka Mitsukoshi the first floor center entrance information desk,
The Iwataya Kurume the first floor front entrance information desk,
Salon 13 store (Aeon Mall Fukutsu store, M eye plaza Iwataya Fukuoka, M eye plaza Iwataya Chikushino are excluded)

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10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
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