"Tanada of Oura" in Karatsu-shi, Saga. In beautiful scenery named ream of terraced fields that were chosen to "100 selections of Japanese Tanada", there is "Iwataya Mitsukoshi farm".

Maid who is U.S. made in "Tanada of Oura!"
"Iwataya Mitsukoshi farm"

We challenge the making of rice in Tanada while helping cause of cooperation of all of you of "JA karatsu", hometown farmhouse by this project started in April, 2017. Rice-transplanting, inekari rimade are engaged in work from seeding consistently and are going to sell rice which we harvested in Iwataya Head Office and Fukuoka Mitsukoshi in September. We wrestle aiming at local development so that beautiful scenery of "Tanada of Oura" continues forever.




Cut rice of hold "Iwataya Mitsukoshi farm" Tanada rice to wait; meeting!

Weather clears. At first, by weather blowing off conventional trouble, it feels temporarily relieved.


In Tanada of here Oura, it becomes the last weeding today.

Two people participate in new employee of entering a company this time in April. Work with Mizuta is thing for the first time in life together.


Under influence that large amount of rain fell in early July, growth of rice is favorable.

It is approximately three months from rice-transplanting. As for the pretty thing having a heated which is white in one of rice. Ear of rice will grow up from now on.


It is aspect of "dry rainy season", but rice lengthens smoothly this year.

We discovered rice which grew up to approximately 75cm and had guaranty from one of "JA karatsu" saying "it is favorable for the moment"!


North Kyushu becomes setting-in of the rainy season, too, and this is period of game for rice growing.

We perform mowing of 6 furrows using sickle this time. It is approximately one month from the last weeding. As can be seen, grass of ridge grows well, too….


We challenge weeding in Tanada! Rice grows up quickly and healthily, too.

Rice which we planted in April grows up quickly and healthily. We grew up to altitude of approximately 20cm from rice-transplanting in 17 days.


The U.S. making of in Tanada finally starts! Activity of "Iwataya Mitsukoshi farm" begins.

We match power together and challenge the U.S. making of in Tanada! As you report at any time, please expect!