New Year dishes reservation acceptance society
Until December 24 (month, shinkyu)

<citron hermitage> Kaiseki New Year dishes
It is Japanese food ray 40 years to root and trunk for heart of tea ceremony. Ingredients order blessing and seafood of mountain where delicacy is deep from all over Japan. We offer by recipe to draw taste of material. It is taste that you can have in family.

Kaiseki New Year dishes (three steps of five portions) 41,040 yen

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※Available in limited quantities.
The first floor of Kurume store Main Building basement = food New Year dishes special venue

Christmas cake reservation acceptance society
Until Monday, December 17

<Hotel Okura Fukuoka> Christmas strawberry shortcake
Shortcake of the most popular strawberry is arranged in hotel by Christmas-style. It is one article to color sacred night a lot of strawberry which is full of flavor in deep fresh cream of body softly.

Christmas strawberry shortcake (diameter 15cm) 4,601 yen
[20 Kurume store-limited]

The first floor of Kurume store Main Building basement = Christmas cake special venue
Main Tel: 0942-35-7111
(business hours: for from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)