A lot of Iwataya Head Office window

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Various windows
New building the first floor exemption from taxation Counter
≫New building the first floor Map
By new building the first floor exemption from taxation Counter, we do exemption from taxation procedure of visitor visited Japan from foreign countries.

Main building the second-floor general bureau under the ground
≫Main building basement the second floor Map

In main building the second-floor general bureau under the ground, we give various service commencing with guidance (English, sign language) in shop and traffic information out of the shop. You feel free to contact, and please acquire thing as follows.

Attend service
We help with shopping of visitor that body is inconvenient.
I would like reservation until the day before. (we may have limitation at time.)
Child's identification card service
We are reliable even if lost when we have you attach child badge.
Baby stroller, wheelchair, rental of rollator
We rent baby stroller and others, wheelchair, walk assistance container which have been cleaned with sanitization sheet.
Temporary custody of baggage
I take shopping product (reitoreizohinfukumi) and baggage (there is some exclusion product) free (when there are many visitors using ※, it may limit time.)
PORTER service
I carry purchase in shop until parking lot PORTER Counter by the designation time.
Lost article reception desk
We take thing left behind in Iwataya Main Building, new building and present.
Issuance of parking service ticket
We issue service ticket of designated parking lot according to purchase amount of money.
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Image: Main building the second-floor general bureau under the ground
▲Main building the second-floor general bureau under the ground

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Main building the third floor MI Card Counter
≫Main building the third floor Map
M eye Cards enrollment reception desk
Inquiry of overall M eye Cards
About exemption from taxation procedure, receipt collective issuance, we go on the new building the first floor east side information desk side.
<about companion of pet>
By instruction of public health center, food floor, restaurant, cafe, entering a shop to food exhibition space have you decline.
About place except the above, we can be accompanied if you can put in sling and the basket.

Visitor salon (meeting, foreign merchant reception desk others of MI Cards, friend)
≫New building the sixth floor Map

There is window Counter of various services including meeting, foreign merchant regular customer reception desk of MI club, friend.

MI club /MI credit card reception desk
Inquiry about MI Cards, MI credit card reception desk, issuance.
Meeting reception desk of friend
It is accepted the continuously receipt of money inquiry about meeting of friend, the enrollment.
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Foreign merchant reception desk
We accept the receipt of money, inquiry as teller in shop of foreign merchant regular customer.
Administrative counseling
Expert accepts administration and consultation about law free.
Time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
※Reception desk content varies according to day.

Image: New building the sixth floor visitor salon
▲New building the sixth floor visitor salon

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Courier service acceptance

Let alone purchase product, we accept delivery of other baggage (pay)
Trust: Yamato Transport Company, Limited

Today delivery service

We send purchase product and baggage of visitor to home by the end of the day.

Acceptance time From 10:00 to 13:30
Delivery time From 14:00 to 18:00
Items acceptable to the service: Purchase product, jikomihin
Rate Normal temperature product 540 yen, cool product 756 yen (tax-included)

*Delivery Aria only in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi
*Only as for home delivery
*We cannot appoint delivery time

Main building = "delivery to home acceptance counter" under the ground on the first floor
Floor guide is this
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