Iwataya Head Office "nimoca" use guidance

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"nimoka" use guidance
What is nimoka?
nimoca is electronic money that is available for train and bus and shopping with IC card which Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co.,Ltd. issues.
It becomes system which nimoca point collects by use frequency, amount of money.

For more details, to official site of nimoca

Illustration: Two Mocha
About the use in Iwataya
・You can save 0.5% of amount of use as nimoca point for purchase of the use as electronic money in star nimoca or credit nimoca in Iwataya Head Office.

・nimoca is available as electronic money and credit card in Iwataya Head Office, but with MICARD cannot use together.

≪ Purchase of the nimoca presentation does not have the MICARD points.≫
Even in the case of combination of cash and nimoca payment, there are not the MICARD points to cash part.

nimoca is available in Iwataya Head Office except the following.
・The first floor of the main building Starbucks coffee
・The seventh floor of the main building JTB
・The seventh floor of the main building reform corner
・The sixth floor of the new building customer salon (gift certificate, various gift cards, beer ticket, book Cards, various prepaid cards)

・Iwataya Kurume
・each Iwataya salon stores
・Iwataya Airport stand
・Flash underground shopping center store
・Iwataya community college

Purchase not to be able to use nimoca for
・Purchase product by the Internet
・Purchase product by telephone order
・Purchase product by catalogue sale

<thing which other Iwataya appoints in particular>
The meeting receipt of money, lucky bag of friend, ham ticket, Okomeken and others

About nimoca CHARGE machine
There is not setting of nimoca CHARGE machine and point switchboard in Iwataya Head Office.

About application, inquiry of nimoca Cards
As Iwataya is member shop of shop which you can shop in nimoca, we do not issue nimoca Cards.
Thank you for your understanding.
In addition, about method of nimoca Cards you want and detailed usage, please see nimoca homepage.

To official site of nimoca

In addition, please inquire for usage at Iwataya store at the following.
Iwataya Head Office 092-721-1111 (main)