Please consult about Iwataya Head Office

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Please consult about main store facilities

About fashion

■The fifth floor of the counselor Shoo Main Building = gentleman shoes, new building B1 floor = ladies' shoes
Shoemaker helps with selection of shoes based on the last measurement of customer.
■Formal the third floor of the specialist Main Building = formal wear (woman), the third floor of the fifth floor of the main building = formal wear (gentleman) main building = formal wear (woman), the fifth floor of the main building = formal wear (gentleman)
About selection of clothes and wearing to various ceremonies, specialist provides consultation.
■The sixth floor of the measurement diagnosis main building = child shoes of last, article
We measure means of transportation of customer with computer and support selection of shoes of important child.
■The fifth floor of the kimono care acceptance new building = kimono Main Building 2, 3.4 floor = ladies' clothes new building 3.4 floor = ladies' clothes Main Building 5.6 floor = men's clothes
We remove the stains and we wash and accept tension, consultation about kimono including dyeing substitute. for fee
■Hemming Quick service of pants 
We accept rectification only for product of purchase to customer of dispatch in around one hour. for fee
■The fifth floor of the water cleaning Main Building = men's clothes
We drop sweat and glucide of water-soluble dirt which we were not able to completely remove in dry-cleaning. for fee
■The fifth floor of the sironized process Main Building = men's clothes of slacks
We accept processing that it is hard to get fold of slacks of purchase. for fee
■Hold name; the fifth floor of the service Main Building = men's clothes
We accept suit, jacket of purchase, name case of coat. (list price product: for free, sale product: pay)
■Hold name of furoshiki; the fifth floor of the acceptance new building = kimono
We accept furoshiki of purchase, name case of silk wrapper. for fee

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About food

■Japanese green tea instructor Main Building B2 floor = foods gift
Japanese green tea instructor of association of non profit organization Japanese green tea instructor authorization about Japanese green tea provide consultation.
■Wine adviser Main Building B2 floor = wine
Wine adviser of Japan Sommelier Association authorization provides consultation.
■Master of sake tasting (sake adviser) main building B2 floor = Japanese and Western liquors
Master of sake tasting of "association of sake service society, liquor Takumi society society" authorization provides consultation about sake.

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About living room interior

■The fifth floor of the interior coordinates new building = Interior Design Center
Interior coordinator and specialized person in charge accept consultation such as coordinates such as furniture or curtain fabric, order furniture, interior. (free)
■Measuring of order curtain, the fifth floor of the estimate new building = curtain fabric
We accept measuring, estimates such as order curtain, style curtain.
■The fifth floor of the consulting new building = bedclothing of pillow
We measure pillow, mattress which matched customer and we have you experience in bed and accept consultation.
■Maintenance of Persia carpet, the fifth floor of the agency new building = furniture, carpet of cleaning
We accept repair of Persia carpet, agency of cleaning in carpet corner. for fee
■Of Knife polish again; the sixth floor of the new building = kitchen goods
We accept grind rectification of kitchen knife (steel stainless steel ceramic) which became dull. (pay, processing period approximately two weeks)

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About sports leisure

■The sixth floor of the adjustment Main Building = golf article of golf club
For customer who bought Iron set (forging product), we regulate direction, flying distance.
■The sixth floor of the advice building = golf article of selection of golf club
We gather direction of head speed, muzzle velocity, the batted ball with golf club measuring instrument and help selection of golf club which matched customer most.

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Don't hesitate to ask any other questions

■The sixth floor of the toy adviser Main Building = toy
Toy adviser (Japan Toy Association official recognition) helps with selection of toy.
■The sixth floor of the administrative counseling [free] new building = customer salon, administrative counseling corner
Expert accepts administration and consultation about law. (time in: for from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Reception desk content varies according to days.
For more details, ask person in charge or administrative counseling corner (TEL: 092-781-7830).
○We call on the day before on legal advice day and make a reservation and accept legal advice. (call time: for from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
Phone number of reservation reception desk is TEL: It is 092-781-7830.
※We close as soon as it becomes capacity (six first arrival).
■The fifth floor of ceremony 110th new building = gift shop
We accept consultation about ceremonial occasion.
■Repair of Buddhist altar, Buddhist altar fittings, the fifth floor of the cleaning new building = Buddhist altar fittings
We accept repair, repair cleaning (wash) of Buddhist altar, Buddhist altar fittings. for fee

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