Iwataya Head Office store attend service

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Store attend service

Is more fun by shopping in Iwataya main store, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi, comfortably. We began store attend service.

Experienced exclusive duty staff "store attendant" goes together for shopping in both Iwataya Main Store, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi shops with "floor attendant" and specialist of each floor having technical knowledge in charge of ladies' and men's child, living room, food with store attend service and guides.

We are looking for party dress. We want you to give advice about selection of gift to important one. Though we are looking for baby gift, we do not know what there is where….

Commencing with request of usual times trainer, it is service helping shopping of customer in scene which is / interview, entrance to school, graduation, school events / gift, food, clothing and shelter state including trip on bridal party, meeting / delivery, birthday.

We "store attendant" meets request of customer.
This service needs reservations. Reservation, inquiry 092-721-1111 (main switchboard)

Please read before the use

  • ※This service needs reservations. <free>
  • ※It is service in store to customer of visit.
  • ※Indication of the atendo time required is approximately two hours.
  • ※Depending on status, please note that you may not attach on the date and time of hope of customer.
  • ※Please note that you did not hear reservation that you appoint individual.
  • ※After the reservation, we do call of contents confirmation than store attendant.
  • ※When it is past reservation time and cannot come, we may assume cancellation.