Guidance of Iwataya Head Office T point

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Guidance of T point

News about the "T point service" in Mitsukoshi Isetan group department store end.

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Mitsukoshi Isetan group department store ★But, in the case of shopping that T point "can use" "saving" for (each ★ Mitsukoshi, Isetan, Iwataya, Marui Imai department store.), please show T Cards.T point has enough being T point business partner in the whole country and is common point which can have you use.●T Cards cannot use together with M eye Cards (we include Mitsukoshi M CARD, Isetan eye Cards). ●We did not hear new issuance of T Cards. ※In Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order, each department store online store, T Cards is not available.

In the case of shopping, we only have you show T Cards.
(1) We show T Cards you have in the check. Cash or credit card ※We pay in this. ※Cards which Mitsukoshi M CARD, MICARD, M eye Cards including Isetan eye Cards issue is excluded. (3) In the case of shopping, it is usable as one point of = 1 yen minute.
(2) In the case of shopping, we save one point per 200 yen (tax-excluded). ※There are shop and product which are not done of point grant, the use partly. Ask person in charge about the details.

You can confirm T point in receipt and Web, support center.
With receipt! (1) Please confirm number of T Cards having target T card number. (2) T point which is available just before this point * shopping at point in time until the last time. *Before pulling case in the following check, use point (400 points); is pointed. (3) T point added by shopping of grant point this time this time. ※T point lapses in one year from last use day of T Cards. In Web! Point can check even Web. T site [T point /T Cards] ※Confirmation of T point in Web you have needs registration in T site [T point /T Cards].
Over telephone! Inquiry T Cards support center 0570-029294 (business hours: for from 10:00 to 21:00 always having no days off) about T point ※Communication costs of customer burden.

Use information of customer that T Cards was shown to T members is provided by Culture Convenience Club and when we provide, include in business partner and handle as personal information carefully and make use for service improvement.